At ShopRank we're constantly working hard to provide you the best possible experience. That's why the last couple of months we were busy implementing new features, many of them were requested by our users. Let's take a closer look at them.

For starters, we've widened even more the scope of information that ShopRank gathers. The number of e-commerce sites we monitor every day was more than doubled, from around 2 million sites to 5 million shops. Thanks to that you'll get an even better overview of the market, and you'll be able to find even more companies in your segment.

That was possible thanks to, among others, increasing the number of platforms ShopRank can detect. We've added dozens of new shopping platforms like, for example, 1C-Bitrix, which is popular in Russia, or Cafe24, popular in South Korea, to name only a few. From now on, you can filter shops by over 200 platforms.

We've also focused on the collected phone numbers adding the exact source on the website to ensure the phone number is correct. A similar feature was added regarding emails.

Last but not least, we've added a brand new feature which you can use to check the web traffic of any site in chronological order. From now on ShopRank is providing month-to-month web traffic data since the end of 2018 for all websites. We're constantly working on statistical models, but we hope the initial result is promising.

Main image source: Flickr/Ken Whytock