Last time we've talked about how ShopRank could help you expand on the foreign markets, but it's by far not the only useful application of ShopRank. One of the many examples of this is a case of a developer studio looking for a new job.

So you are a developer who specializes in some particular language and platform. If your bread and butter are WordPress sites, for example, you have plenty of opportunities to find another job, but if you happen to be very skillful in a language and/or platform, which is more specialized, that might be slightly more challenging.

Luckily, ShopRank got it covered!

With our powerful tools, checking real data regarding the technology used by hundreds of thousands of web businesses is easy and you can do it in a couple of ways.

Method 1

After log-in to your ShopRank account, in the search bar in Explore view, start typing the name of the technology you are interested in. In our example, let it be TYPO3 CMS. You can type it entirely or select it from the dropdown which will appear.

After you enter the name, the site will reload and you will be presented with shops using that technology, which you can sort by country, payments, etc.

Method 2

After log-in to your ShopRank account, click on the Market Share drop-down located on the upper right side of the menu. Select „By technology categories”.

In the next view select the technology which you are interested in, then click the technology you are interested in. In our example, it is TYPO3 CMS.

In the next view scroll down to section „Top retailers using TYPO3 CMS” and click „See all websites using TYPO3 CMS”.

After that, you will be redirected to the Explore view, in which you will see shops using that technology.

Please note that ShopRank collects data not only about CMS, but also about web frameworks, programming languages, e-commerce platforms, and more!

All of that makes ShopRank ideal if you as a web developer want to search for a new client. After all, all that is left for you is to contact the right shop and make them an offer.

Main image source: Flickr/Rachel Johnson