In this tutorial I'll show you how to generate high quality retailers leads in quite simple way with ShopRank and

1. Target eCommerce companies

ShopRank is a database of over 1 mln eCommerce companies from Europe. You can target them by country, city, traffic, eCommerce platform, logistics, payment providers and more

In our case we will target all retailers from United Kingdom which are using Magento technology on their website


2. Exporting to CSV

In the second step we will export our data to CSV. Choose specific package on our pricing page to use this feature. Different packages have a different limits and features.

In our case we will export 50 companies to csv:

Our exported CSV has lot of valuable data.
It looks like that:


Please keep in mind that this example is showing all fields which are available in premium package. Standard and basic are more limited but still can be enough for you

3. Contacts generation with Snovio

In that step we will use for generating contacts leads. is outreach automation platform. You can also use them for making campaigns.

Ok, we are sending now our CSV generated from ShopRank:


Fill the form with some configuration:


Then we are getting a list of contacts. In this case I've exported them to CSV but you can also use them to create campaign inside snovio platform



In this tutorial we generated contact leads by using and You can also use, for the second step but I was personally really amazed by by its UX simplicity, attractive price and good quality of data

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